Posted Dec 29

ILMxLAB Animator - Entertainment and Media Industry Opportunity

LucasFilm ILMxLAB - Entertainment and Media Industry
San Francisco,CA

Were on a mission: building the future. Were working in this crazy-fun, hybridized fusion of entertainment where exceptionally high-end (previously pre-rendered) VFX meets interactive, immersive stories. That spectacular mash-up results in unparalleled real-time worlds where we endeavor to raise thebar for experiences and visuals as high as we possibly can. As if making compelling movies and games wasnt hard enough in isolation! Dont get us wrong, were not complaining about the challenges. Thats literally why we come to work: It is our great fortune to be standing at the crossroads - unconstrained by a specific title or universe - in a collaborative, highly creative and highly technical work environment. If that sounds interesting, jump in. We still believe in picking up hitchhikers.

Our team is growing. We are looking for talented, driven creative technologists to help design and build the next generation of immersive stories. Have a look at the description below. If it sounds like you, send us your stuff!

Collaborate with dev team to advance the state of real-time rendered immersive experiences, striving for highest possible visual fidelity as well as artistically innovative and compelling performances.
Work closely with the creative leads to produce captivating, story-driven and action-packed or dramatic moments that fit within the style and pacing of the title.
Deliver blocking animatics and quick draft animations for proof of concepts
Establish a good understanding of the existing tools and pipelines; experiment / champion opportunities for improvement.
Help define and act as a key customer for new technology investments and pipeline development..
Collaborate in development of breakdowns, task lists, estimates, schedules, milestones and overall project goals as necessary. Monitor progress of animation deliverables.
Prep or assist in mo-cap shooting sessions (casting, choreography, motion list, direction, etc.)

Required Skills / Experience:
7+ years experience animating characters - in 3D game development - with multiple titles shipped.
Deep experience and understanding of creating and editing animation graph / node systems for game engines.
Maya & FBX: in-depth knowledge, experience with
Experienced in the development of storytelling driven by character performances that utilize realistic character animation
Adaptable, willing to learn new processes and technical skills with an enthusiasm for new ideas, tools and platforms.
Flexible and willing to accept direction, input from others.

Desired Skills / Experience:
Experience or interest in the creation of VR & AR experiences
Passion for playing and making games
VFX animation (shot production) / pipeline experience
Unreal: extensive experience working with animation tool sets in UE 3 or 4.
MFA or equivalent experience
Additional animation software experience (ex: Houdini) would be considered a plus

A portfolio / reel submission is required. It should demonstrate:
Exceptional artistic sensibilities in human & animal locomotion, storytelling through the personality of expressive gesture, timing and character development.
Examples of game-ready animations combining layered blending, overlays, IK and other run-time systems.
Examples of keyframed performance to narrative, for body, facial and lip-synch in both human and stylized forms.
Strong experience in mo-cap editing, from source data through to complete, final motion for both full body and facial.
Additional relevant examples of animal or quadruped motion, mechanical and rigid body motion, visual effects and use of secondary motion simulation / solutions.

**A detailed breakdown of your work in each section of the reel is required**

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