Posted Mar 13

Executive Creative Director

New York, NY, United States Full Time

Executive Creative Director

Reports to President / CEO

Interfaces Creative Directors & Project/Traffic Manager

We are seeking a dynamic and visionary Executive Creative Director with exceptional leadership abilities to join our team of innovators and instigators.

For the first time in our 14-year history, the ECD position has become available.

We expect this person to become an instrumental player in the future of our agency and we hope to find the perfect addition to our close-net family of creatives.

Mirrorball strives to shift paradigms and take clients and companies to places never-before-considered appropriate in the landscape of branding, marketing, and experience design.

Your primary responsibility will be to inspire, lead, and motivate our team to create break-through live experiences that evoke intense emotions intended to result in long-lasting, positive memories.

It is these important memories that help people live more fulfilled lives and make better-informed decisions about what they purchase, where they go, and what they do.

The Mirrorball creative department is responsible for the creative output of the company including:

  • High-level concepting
  • Live experience design
  • Live engagement concepting
  • Spatial design
  • Theatrical design
  • Graphic design
  • Video and motion graphic design
  • Interactive design and user experience

What the position looks like...

You will lead the entire creative process from concept to activation including the creation of deep narratives that provoke, inspire, and make people think about differently about the clients and companies we serve.

We pride ourselves on being a learning and teaching environment. We encourage all team members to build their individual knowledge and share it with others.

In this leadership position, you will work to develop and mentor new and existing team members by modeling the best skills that make world class creative thinker and doers.

You will also live out your obsessive desire to seek out emerging talent across the entire creative spectrum.

Mirrorball is known for taking an unexpected to approach to live experience design by utilizing science, psychology, and art.

As an intuitive thinker who can arrive at solutions when others struggle, you will bring your own unconventional approaches and ideas that will continue to foster our non-conformist culture and bleeding edge approach to human engagement.

You will have a burning desire to create unconventional solutions for the complex challenges while staying on-strategy and keeping the creative process in alignment with client business goals and objectives.

You are an innovator who is fueled by the relentless pursuit of what’s next in popular culture and by the excitement of the unknown.

You will feed your creative soul by experiencing first hand whatever is the latest in music, art, fashion, and technology or whatever trips your trigger.

Your personal inspiration is critical to inspiring others.

As an agency leader, you will communicate our creative philosophies and approach publicly through speaking engagements, public relations, and the continual winning of industry awards.

You are a master of delegation and diplomacy; you know all the tricks of the trade to avoid scope creep, over-delivery and cost-control.

You enjoy jumping in to bring an idea to life, but you also understand that micromanagement is slippery slope.

About You

You have an understanding of all dimensions of communication: business strategy and experience design, with the ability to translate this into effective, innovative, and integrated marketing programs.

You will have a minimum of 10+ years of design, creative direction, and leadership experience which clearly reflects your ability for conceptual and on strategy work.

You have been a leader in either experience design or architecture or both. You have an innate understanding of how the business works and you have already learned from a variety mistakes from which you have great lessons to share

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Participate in management of the company as part of executive team
  • Determine staffing plan and overall reporting structure for the creative dept
  • Hire and/or approve the hiring of Creative Staff
  • Review existing and develop new departmental processes and practices
  • Manage project estimating including labor, materials and external vendors
  • Work with account teams to develop scopes of work including labor costs, deliverables, and timing
  • Working closely with project management/traffic manager to assign creative team members to new projects and assignments coming in
  • Work with CFO in Determining Annual Departmental budgets as well as salary structure. Ensure fiscal health of the department.
  • Promoting a culture of departmental teamwork and collaboration
  • Conduct ongoing performance reviews for all creative staff
  • Work with talent department on professional development programs
  • Support talent team to ensure there is a stable of potential full-time and freelance recruits on deck
  • Lead the development of agency marketing materials and award participation

Creative Development, Quality Control, and Client Interaction

Lead the creative team in the development of new ideas, and creative solutions or guide the CD and ACDs to do the same
  • Ensure creative excellence for the agency’s creative product
  • Review client briefs and ensure internal creative briefs are correct and on strategy
  • Organize group activities that will inspire the team’s creativity and potential to grow
  • Work with strategy team to ensure consumer insights drive creative ideas
  • Lead brainstorms and strategy sessions on larger projects when possible
  • Attend and participate in high-level meetings with clients including strategy sessions and new work presentations
  • Hands-on support only when necessary - including concepting, writing, mood boards and comps

Mirrorball is an NYC-based creative agency. We strive to create or enhance human experiences by rethinking the way brands, retailers, attractions, and hospitality businesses participate in our lives. Our family of strategists, designers, writers and producers share a sacred bond, rooted in our passion for contributing to and impacting popular culture.

As participants ourselves, we naturally approach our work with an immutable advocacy for the people our clients look to serve. We aspire to create cultural relevance with everything we touch without ever becoming invasive or contrived.

We are untethered from classification within a particular discipline or historical way of doing business. Be it through the design of IRL or digital experiences, content production, or through the creation of other marketing innovations; our work moves people at their core.

Utilizing a proprietary framework of science, psychology, and art – our concepts are designed with deep narratives that evoke intense emotions intended to result in long-lasting, positive memories. It is these important memories that help people live more fulfilled lives.

For over 14 years world-class brands and companies including Perrier, Dos Equis, General Electric, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, L’Oreal, and Harley-Davidson have put their confidence into Mirrorball to create new opportunities to deeply connect with the people their businesses touch.

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